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2018 Laser Radial Race

Manufacturer Recommended Retail Price: GBP 5,500 (2018)

Outfitted with a 19% smaller sail and shorter, more flexible mast than the Laser, the Laser Radial is the perfect racing class boat for small adults, women, and youth alike. Raced from the Club to Olympic level, the Laser Radial has an excellent medium sized rig for anyone who wants to be a part of the Laser community. The Laser Radial comes standard as the Laser Radial Race version.


Race LevelClub - International
Sail Area62FT²/5.76M²
Skill LevelBeginner - Expert

The Laser Radial Race features:

·Ice blue Fiberglass hull
·Fiberglass foils
·Aluminum spars
·Line kit
·Harken Race Cunningham/Outhaul kit
·Harken Race Boom Vang Kicker
·Gorilla tiller and extension
·Class legal sail
·Harken 60mm performance ratchet
·Padded toe strap

LaserPerformance Boat Range

Every boat we build and every serivce we offer is backed by decades of on-the-water experience and lifestimes of design and engineering expertise. Whether you're headed to the Olympics, or trying sailing for the very first time, we've been there, we've done that, and we're happy you're here. From the best service and support to the best instructors and training programs, we can make your sailing experience the best in the world. That's what we do. We're LaserPerformance. See you on the water.

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