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Unique Sailing Cargo Ship
Presently operating in Central Pacific between Hawaii, the Line Islands of Kiribati and the Northern Cook Islands. For sale with or without a fully operational and profitable business. 14 years of full records, dedicated database to run business and ship. Experienced ship crew and office staff available. Honolulu warehouse, island warehouses, vehicles, and full trading licenses in place for cargo and passenger ops in the Islands. In 2019, under a 25 day charter to Ocean Voyages Institute, Kwai picked up 40 tons of ghost fish nets and plastic trash out of the Pacific gyre, reportedly the mos... read more

Length: 36m
Location:Honolulu Hawaii USA
Price: $300,000 Tax Exempt
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ID: 622834  (Private)
Posted: 17 hours ago

333' Geared RoRo Cargo
DESCRIPTION This is a 333’ 5,078 mt DWT Geared RoRo Cargo Ship built in Germany in 1996. It is Bureau Veritas Class and in active service. There are 2 x 60 mt cranes combinable for 110 mt Safe Working Load as well as a stern loading ramp. It can carry up to 501 TEU containers or 289 @ 14 mt basis. The main engine is a MAB B& W diesel and there is a bowthruster. The ship is fully operational. GENERAL INFO Type: Geared RORo Cargo Ship Year Built: 1996 Country Built: Germany LOA: 101.2 m/333 ft Beam: 18.6 m/61.0 ft Summer Draft: 6.62 m/21 ft 9 in Air Draft: ... read more

Length: 333'
Location: Egypt
Price: $3,300,000
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ID: 636566  (Trade)
Posted: 18 hours ago

77m / Deck Cargo Ship for Sale / #669G
LOA 77 m Beam 18,35 m Draft 3,5 m Built in year 2014 Class : Registro Italiano Navale Flag : Turkey Gross Tonnage of 1.995 Deadweight : 2.450 metric tonnes Dynamic Positioning of class : DP 1 Free Deck area about 950m² with a deck strength of 10 metric tonnes per square meter 1 installed with a max lifting capacity of 1 tons 2 cabins with 1 berth 2 cabins with 2 berths Speed : 9 knots Engines : 4 x Volvo Penta / Volvo Penta AB D16, 2.208 kw, 1.800 rpm, Propellers 1 Directional (Port Side Fore) + 1 Directional (Port Side Aft) + 1 Directional (Starboard Fore) + 1 Directional (Starbo... read more

Length: 77m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
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ID: 649333  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

248' US Flagged Singledecker General Cargo Vessel For Sale
1330dwt Single Decker general cargo vessel for sale. 1972 built Denmark / 2000 rebuilt. Vessel has US Coastwise trading privileges 3 hatches and 3 holds 85,200ft3 1 x CAT 3512B 1675bhp Hull in reportedly good condition. Accommodation block needs work. Contact for inspection details and price guidance.... read more

Length: 247' 3"
Location:South Carolina USA
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ID: 650990  (Trade)
Posted: 2 days ago

This is a 272’ Geared RoRo Pallet Vessel built in Norway in 1975 and rebuilt in 1985. The ship is Ice Class. The ship is versatile with a 10 ton derrick, 25 ton crane, side door for loading pallets, cargo elevators and pallet lifts. 57b TRU containers can be carried. There is a bow thruster and the main engine was fully rebuilt in 2002.... read more

Length: 272'
Location: Norway
Price: $925,000
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ID: 465218  (Trade)
Posted: 3 days ago

153m / Multi Purpose Vessel / Heavy Load Carrier for Sale / #734G
Length: 152.6m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
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ID: 649362  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

64m / Deck Cargo Ship for Sale / #576G
General details as follows: LOA 63,8 m Beam 16 m Draft 2,44 m Built in year 2012 Class : Bureau Veritas Flag : Turkmenistan Gross Tonnage of 1.583 and Nett Tonnage of 474 Deadweight : 497 metric tonnes 1 Crane / Gear installed with a max lifting capacity of 200 tons Speed : 11 knots Engines : 2 x Cummins / Cummins Engine Co Inc KTA-50-M2, 2.386 kw, 2.050 rpm, Propellers 1 x Port Side + 1 x Starboard Auxiliaries Engines : 2 Cummins, Bowthruster + Sternthruster (1 Bow Tunnel thruster + 1 Stern Tunnel thruster) 1 Deck... read more

Length: 63.8m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: €7,000,000
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ID: 649395  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

This is a 283’ 3,500 ton deadweight Geared General Cargo Vessel built in 2004.. It is GL Class for heavy cargoes and has 2 x 35 ton electro hydraulic cranes. It can carry up to 167 TEUs. The vessel is excellent condition.... read more

Length: 283'
Location: Netherlands
Price: $4,650,000
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ID: 364809  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

Ro-Ro Open Deck / General Cargo / WaterTanker Barge
Gearless Ro/Ro ship with stern ramp. Main Engines: AIFO Iveco 2x 333kw (16400 hrs). Bow Thruster. Speed: 10 knots. Range: 4,400 nm. Cargo Capacity: 70 t. (deck cargo), 8 x 40’ TEU, 18 x 20’ TEU, 230m3 water cargo, 2x Trailers. Max load on ramp : Axel load 10 tons. Max load on deck: 8 t/sqm. Last Dry-docked date: 2015. Vessel Class/Dates: CRS / expire 16/09/2020.... read more

Length: 35m
Location: Croatia
Price: €425,000
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ID: 649900  (Trade)
Posted: 6 days ago

93m / Deck Cargo Ship for Sale / #519G
General details as follows: LOA 92,96 m Beam 24 m Draft 3,98 m Built in year 2006 Class : Registro Italiano Navale Flag : Russia Gross Tonnage of 3.724 and Nett Tonnage of 1.117 Deadweight : 5.664 metric tonnes Dynamic Positioning of class : DP 2 Free Deck area about 1.200m² with a deck strength of 10 metric tonnes per square meter Total 14 berths Speed : 6 knots Engines : 2 x Caterpillar / Caterpillar Inc 3412D, 1.118 kw, 1.800 rpm, Propellers 1 Directional (Port Side) + 1 Directional (Starboard) 1 Deck... read more

Length: 92.964m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $13,000,000
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ID: 649417  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

63m General Cargo Multi Purpose Cargo Ship - 1739 DWT
63m General Cargo Multi Purpose Cargo Ship - 1739 DWT For Sale DNV Class certified good through Jan 2022. GROSS TONNAGE - 999 NETTO TONNAGE - 510 LOA - 63.55 m BEAM - 11.0 m SUMMER LOADED DRAFT - 4.087 m SUMMER LOADED FREEBOARD - 0.933 m WINTER LOADED DRAFT - 4.002 m WINTER LOADED FREEBOARD - 1.018 m DISPLACEMENT SUMMER - 2316 t DISPLACEMENT WINTER - 2261 t DEADWEIGHT SUMMER - 1739 t LBP - 57.9 m AIR DRAFT - 21.87 m LS - 577 t CARGO HOLD: BALE - 1888.04 CBM, 66670 CBFT, GRAIN - 1924.9 CBM, 67979.8 CBFT CARGO SPACES: 40.2 m/ 9.4 m/ 5.47 m Asking $1,500,000. USD... read more

Length: 63m
Location: USA
Price: $1,500,000
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ID: 640925  (Trade)
Posted: 8 days ago

CM0535 Self-discharge vessel 7300 DWT / 2010 BLT for sale
CM0535 Self-discharge vessel 7300 DWT / 2010 BLT for sale Converted into self-discharger in 2013, Bureau Veritas class, 7300 t dwt on 6.8 m draft, all top equipment, fresh IACS docs till 2025 Built: 2010, China (converted in 2013 in Turkey) Dimensions: LOA 120 m, BEAM 16.8 m, DEPTH 8.20 m, DRAFT 6.9 m Tonnage: DWT: 7300 t, GT: 5590 t, NT: 2360 t Class: Bureau Veritas (IACS) next renewal survey July 2025 Main engines: 1x Daihatsu (Japan) 3397 hp Aux generators: 2x Caterpillar (USA) 200 kW, 1x Caterpillar (USA) 64 kW Bowthruster: 280 kW Cargo capacity: Volume: 4665 cbm, 2Ho... read more

Length: 120m
Location: Turkey
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ID: 640749  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

96.58m Cargo Vessel
96.58m Cargo Vessel   $1,900,000
Port of Registry: Panama. Built at Turkey by Marmara Shipyard, NB 053 Istanbul, Turkey. Main Engine: DEUTZ MWM DIESEL TBD-645 L 8. 3.446.52 KW, AT 600 rpm 4.620 HP. Propulsion Pitch Propeller Left Hand Reaction-Astern-Bow to port. Service Speed: in cargo 11.0 knots, in ballast 12.0 knots. Deck’s Cranes: 2 x SWL 40 mt at 15 m, SWL 28 mt at 21 m. Located on port side. Crane can do combined work on 70 mt. One single box shaped hold 55.8 m x 12.94 m x 8.4 m. Container Capacity: Hold - 133 TEU, Deck - 201 TEU, Bay 21 - 8 TEU, Bay 25 – 28 TEU , Total: - 370 TEU. Reefer plugs: 45 on deck ... read more

Length: 96.58m
Location: Panama
Price: $1,900,000
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ID: 648879  (Trade)
Posted: 14 days ago

206' 1,128 mt DWT Geared Cargo Ship
This is a 206’ 1,128 mt DWT Geared Cargo Vessel that was built in Turkey in 1979. It is ABS Class with current certificates. It has 2 x 1.5 mt @ 5m outreach derricks. There are 2 holds with pontoon hatch covers. It ship has a 660 HP SKL diesel main engine for 10 knot service speed. The ship is fully operational. Type: Geared Cargo Ship Built: 1979 Country Built: Turkey Class: ABS LOA: 62.95 m/206 ft Beam: 8.5 m/27 ft 9 in Draft: 4.85 m/15’ 10 in Gross Tonnage: 695 mt Net Tonnage: 414 mt Deadweight: 1,128 mt Hatches: 2 x Pontoon Type Hatch... read more

Length: 206'
Location: Turkey
Price: $425,000
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ID: 635910  (Trade)
Posted: 15 days ago

General Cargo Ship about 1300 DWT built 1986 in Denmark
We can offer for sale subject unsold Small Geared General Cargo Ship about 1300 DWT built 1986 in Denmark as follows: MV "TBN” GENERAL CARGO / CONTAINER SHIP BUILT: 1986, DENMARK CLASS: IACS Member ICE CLASS EQUIVALENT TO 1C FINNISH-SWEDISH DWT: ABT. 1300 MT LOA: 67.9 M BREDTH: 1020 M DRAFT 3,4 M DEPTH: 5,9 M Number of decks: 2 Ho: 2 GR /BALE: ABT.2150 M3 / 1890 M3 Number of bulkheads: 5 MAN B+W ALPHA DSL 599 KW DERRICKS: 2 X 8 MT 51 TEU - 8 REF CONTAINERS Trading in North Europe. All details about and given in good faith without guarantee. Direct Buyer... read more

Length: 68m
Location:Trading in North Europe. Ukraine
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ID: 649773  (Trade)
Posted: 17 days ago

101m / Multi Purpose Vessel / General Cargo Ship for Sale / #927G
Length: 100.6m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $3,000,000
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ID: 632913  (Trade)
Posted: 17 days ago

176' Geared Cargo Vessel
DESCRIPTION This is a 176’ 788 mt DWT Geared Cargo Ship. It was built in Norway in 1966 but has been completely rebuilt several times and is in superb condition equal to recent build ships. It is DNV-GL Class with current trading certificates, next special survey due 2022. There are 2 x ABS Deck Cranes. Her Caterpillar Diesel was completely overhauled and recently serviced. Her size makes her very economical to operate with low fuel consumption and her shallow draft allows her to load and unload in ports ports where larger and deeper draft ships cannot visit. The ship is completely... read more

Length: 176'
Location:Oslo Norway
Price: $495,000
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ID: 635762  (Trade)
Posted: 18 days ago

General Cargo Ship /Tween  abt. 800 DWT blt 1966 in Norway reblt 2003
We can offer for sale subject unsold Small Geared General Cargo Ship /Tweendecker /Coaster abt. 800 DWT built 1966 in Norway rebuilt 2003 as follows: MV “TBN” General Cargo Ship Geared by 2 cranes Build: 1966 in Norway, rebuilt in 2003 Type: Geared Tween Decker Coaster Class: IACS Member, Ice class Abt. 800 DWT LOA: 53.6 m Beam: 8.5 m Draft: 3.9 m Air draft (fully laden): 18.0 m 1 Hold / 1 Hatch Hold dimension: 36.0 X 7.9 X 8.3 m (not boxed) Hatch dimension: 30.0 X 5.0 m Hatch cover: MacGregor Capacity: abt. 1400 cbm Decks: 2 Tanktop: Steel 12 mm (2005)... read more

Length: 53.6m
Location:Vessel is trading in North Europe. Ukraine
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ID: 649512  (Trade)
Posted: 19 days ago

396' 8,258 mt DWT Geared Cargo Ship
DESCRIPTION This is a 396’ 8,284 mt DWT Geared Cargo Ship built in Turkey in 1993. It is Bureau Veritas Class. It has 3 x 12 mt electro hydraulic cranes servicing 3 cargo holds with MacGregor folding hatches. The 3,600 HP SKL Diesel provides a service speed of 11 knots. The ship is fully operational and aggressively priced for quick sale. SPECIFICATIONS Type: 1996 Country Build: Turkey Class: Bureau Veritas Deadweight: 8,8284 mt Gross Tonnage: 5,306 mt Net Tonnage: 3,342 mt LOA: 120.65 m/396 ft LBP: 109.95 m/360 ft 9 in Beam: 17.0 m/55 ft 9 in Draft: 7.34... read more

Length: 396'
Location:Ravenna Italy
Price: $1,300,000
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ID: 635724  (Trade)
Posted: 20 days ago

95 japanese blt 8700T General Cargo freshly passed ss/dd
Type:Tweendeck Genearl Cargo(Tweendecker Removed and shipping as single decker) Summer deadweight:8691mt Summer Draught:8.219m Date of delivery:24th May 1995 Blt: Shin Kochijuko Co.Ltd. Kochi-city, Japan Class:NU, SS/DD just freshlypassed in last December LOA:100.59M LBP:93.5M BREADTH:18.8M DEPTH:13M 2H/2H Grain/Bale:13940.8/13096.13CBM Cargo gear: Crane 2 x 30mt.(twin 60mts)+Single Derrick 2 x 25mts GT:3891T NT:2571 M/E; Makita,MAN-B& W5L35MC / 3,236 kw,max output 4,400 ps x 210rpm A/X: Yanmar diesel S-165 L-UN/480ps x 6cyl./210mm x165mm x1200ps, 2 sets Ser... read more

Length: 100.59m
Location: China
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ID: 635702  (Trade)
Posted: 20 days ago