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2018 Laser Vago

Manufacturer Recommended Retail Price: GBP 5,700 (2018)

A modern look. Performance you’d expect.

The Vago offers a single-line launch and retrieval system for the gennaker as well as interchangeable sails that don’t require extra rigging. Its high boom, GNAV vang, and cockpit design support both hiking and trapeze options.

The robust Polyethylene Tri-skin hull keeps maintenance to a minimum. More importantly, its innovative hull features a sub-chine area designed to promote controlled planeing, ensuring every ride is a blast!

The Laser Vago Race upgrade comes with trapeze, race Mylar main sail and a race spinnaker.

Laser Performance Boat Range

Every boat we build and every serivce we offer is backed by decades of on-the-water experience and lifestimes of design and engineering expertise. Whether you're headed to the Olympics, or trying sailing for the very first time, we've been there, we've done that, and we're happy you're here. From the best service and support to the best instructors and training programs, we can make your sailing experience the best in the world. That's what we do. We're LaserPerformance. See you on the water.

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